How CreatorIQ Helped Coach, Fabletics, and Foodie Tribe Achieve Their Influencer Marketing Goals

Rebecca Ezrin
Rebecca Ezrin
Jun 7, 2022

CreatorIQ prides itself on an array of comprehensive services that help customers achieve their unique influencer marketing goals. We recently published three case studies highlighting our partnerships with influential lifestyle brands Coach and Fabletics, as well as creative agency Foodie Tribe. Below are some key takeaways from those case studies.


How Tribe Dynamics, a CreatorIQ Company, Helped Coach Find Itself ‘Amongst Friends’

Goal: Establish an always-on approach to relationship-building with the Coach Collective.

Solution: Determine best-fit advocates with Tribe Dynamics’ Ambassadors feature.

In 2020, Coach founded its “Coach Collective” team of brand ambassadors to tap into a younger, more diverse audience. The group came together in person for the first time at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) 2021 for Coach’s “Amongst Friends” campaign. While members collaborated, Coach leveraged Tribe Dynamics’ Ambassadors software to analyze creators’ performance, and to strategically pair off new and senior members. Coach also utilized this feature to monitor and modify content in real time.


  • Coach’s Amongst Friends campaign generated $420.0k Earned Media Value (EMV) and 3.0M impressions across 78 pieces of content.
  • Coach’s NYFW show collected $2.2M EMV in 2021, a 38% YoY increase, thanks largely to Coach Collective’s attendance.

To learn more about the results that Tribe Dynamics, a CreatorIQ company, drove for Coach, read our full case study


How Fabletics Reduced its Customer Acquisition Cost by 30% With CreatorIQ

Goal: Build lasting partnerships with creators at scale.

Activewear brand Fabletics is all about long-term creator collaborations. However, the brand faced two main challenges in scaling its influencer program: ensuring that brand ambassadors drove consistent results, and partnering with new types of creators while continuing to prioritize mature relationships. 

Solution: Holistically evaluate new and existing relationships with creatorIQ’s analytics.

With CreatorIQ, Fabletics unlocked community and audience data, gaining insight into both longtime and potential partners. Using CreatorIQ’s Creator Discovery feature, the brand surfaced new, impactful creators to serve as long-term partners. 


  • Fabletics successfully onboarded 10 long-term partners over the past year.
  • Thanks to an impactful influencer program powered by CreatorIQ, Fabletics reduced its customer acquisition cost by 30% over the past year. 

To learn more about how Fabletics leveraged CreatorIQ products to build and maintain creator relationships, check out the full case study here.


How Foodie Tribe Used CreatorIQ to Optimize Caviar’s Campaign ROI

Goal: Drive revenue via a multi-market discount code campaign.

To attract customers to Doordash subsidiary Caviar, creative agency Foodie Tribe debuted an affiliate program, inviting creators across major markets to post about Caviar using personalized discount codes. However, the agency needed a reliable system to monitor posting activity and campaign performance.

Solution: CreatorIQ’s content tracking and communication capabilities.

CreatorIQ simplified the process for navigating creator relationships, helping Foodie Tribe gain a comprehensive overview of its ambassadors’ performances and easily report on KPIs to Caviar.


  • Cost per engagement (CPE) for Caviar’s affiliate program was 43% lower than a comparable campaign by Foodie Tribe.
  • Cost per mile (CPM) for Caviar’s initiative proved 20% lower than a similar campaign by Foodie Tribe.

For a deep dive into the unique value CreatorIQ provided Foodie Tribe, check out our recent case study

While some customers might prioritize nurturing and building creator relationships, others might be looking to implement an affiliate program. No two brands are the same, and likewise, neither are any two influencer strategies. With CreatorIQ, brands and agencies have access to a comprehensive suite of tools that can address the unique needs of their influencer programs. 

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