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Leveling up live streaming support.

Gaming companies prioritize data-driven decisions, streaming expertise, and understanding passionate fan communities. CreatorIQ offers unparalleled live streaming support, enabling brands to forge impactful partnerships with influential streaming creators and gamers.

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Cultivate a global network of streamers

Upgrade your strategy by identifying creators who live and breathe your game and discover potential ambassadors who are eager to explore newly released updates and expansions.


Discover Twitch gamers

Explore a vast database of over 250,000 Twitch accounts.

Pinpoint the perfect creators

Use game-based search to uncover creators who have conquered specific games.

Identify hardcore fans

Check out total stream time and last played date to separate the intense fans from the casual players.

Easily review gaming content

Evaluate a creator’s game-specific content directly within the CreatorIQ platform.

Build a global source of truth

CreatorIQ provides a shared CRM that houses all streamer information and data.

Track the progress of your streaming activations

Capture every epic moment from your streaming activations, and keep score using the stats that matter most to gaming.

Capture Twitch content

Track Twitch live streams, killer clips, and top-notch VOD content like a pro.

Tailor your insights

Capture and evaluate complete streams or specific sponsored segments.

Report on streaming metrics

Accurately measure streams, including peak and average concurrent stream views.

Add-on YouTube data expansion

Report on in-depth video performance from authenticated YouTube accounts.

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