Activate Pay & Incentivize Creators

Save time, increase transparency, and mitigate risk when paying creators for their work.

Payment Management Integrated Payment Management

A unified payment and campaign workflow helps you stay on top of complex payment management and gives you a complete view of creator costs to accurately measure ROI.
  • Integrate and streamline efforts Effectively manage your campaign activities and payments from one place.
  • Scale and save timeUse filtering and bulk update capabilities that simplify payment management for a large number of creators.
  • Easily configure and track payouts Set up your payments tracking according to your campaign needs, whether you pay creators per post or a base rate.
  • Gain visibility and insight Better understand the effectiveness of your program by tracking payments within the context of your campaigns, and view historical records for any creator.
  • Deftly hand off to execution teams Instantly send payments for processing once creators are ready to pay.

Payment Execution Flexible, Global Payment Execution

Global payment services give you the flexibility & control of an in-house solution when processing and remitting payments to creators.
  • Work with creators worldwide Pay creators in 190 countries and 120 currencies.
  • Select how you want to pay creators Choose your preferred payment method, inclusive of global ACH, PayPal or wire transfer.
  • Set payout timeline expectations Set payment terms of 30, 60 or 90 days.
  • Mitigate risk and ensure compliance Ensure PII and tax compliance and verify payment information.

Payment Services Efficient, Full-Service
Creator Payments

Our payment services take on your organization’s high-volume, high-risk creator-facing responsibilities to save you time and money while maintaining in-depth payment detail.
  • Offload time consuming work Offboard contracting, tax forms, and issue resolution.
  • Maintain granular reporting detailTrack, report and audit every creator payment.
  • Keep accounting up to date Receive reporting and monthly reconciliations.

PayPal Integration Payments Powered by PayPal

Integrate your organization’s PayPal account to execute payments directly from your campaign.
  • Directly connect your PayPal account Save time and effort by centralizing all payment activity.
  • Leverage a scalable campaign payment workflow Execute payment tasks in-bulk.
  • Get up-to-date visibilityTrack payment statuses in real time.

Product Gifting Track Product Gifting ROI

Manage and measure products sent to creators for gifting, PR, or paid collaborations, to better streamline crucial operations and analyze impact on ROI.

Manage gifting within campaigns

Create a centralized database of products then assign products to creators within a campaign.

Shift easily from planning to execution

Easily export lists of creators, addresses, products and instructions to distribution teams.

Confidently assess ROI

View aggregated product costs within your overall budget to better determine return on creator spend.

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