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Welcome to Earned, an influencer marketing podcast by CreatorIQ. In this series, Conor Begley, Chief Strategy Officer at CreatorIQ and co-founder of Tribe Dynamics, sits down with esteemed industry leaders, exploring the minds—and marketing strategies—behind the most successful beauty and fashion brands in earned media.

In each episode, we dive into our guest’s background, as they walk us through the unique—and often unexpected—journey that led them to landing their dream role. We discuss their tried-and-true marketing philosophies and unpack the evolution of brand-consumer relationships in the social media era—and of course, we talk about influencers, sharing insights into the most authentic and effective ways for brands to cultivate impactful influencer communities. Each guest also lends advice to young professionals starting out in the industry, and reveals a few of the key marketing strategies behind their brand’s coveted success, online and off—so be sure to tune in, and take notes!

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