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Beauty never rests and neither do we. Join the creator marketing revolution.

Elevate your brand's standing, enhance visibility, and fuel impressive growth with CreatorIQ's cutting-edge creator marketing solutions. Whether an established market leader or an emerging brand, we can help you propel your business to the next level.

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Build and sustain an engaged community of relevant creators

Pinpoint creators who perfectly align with your brand and offer a premium partnership experience to boost retention and foster loyalty.

Identify creators who are the perfect match

Discover creators already talking about your brand or use criteria-based searches for the perfect match, every time.

Ensure a personal touch

Gather essential information to collaborate successfully with beauty creators—ranging from hair and skin types to mailing addresses and travel preferences.

Establish a solid foundation for execution

Measure, curate, and understand the make up of your community to ensure flawless planning of intricate activations and grow your relationships and creator retention over time.

Run programs with
specific goals

Launch compelling activations centered around new product releases, seasonal campaigns, and noteworthy brand moments. Then, evaluate their effectiveness using a suite of industry-leading data and metrics tailored to your desired outcomes.

Customize your style and approach

Plan and execute initiatives for campaign mailers, always-on seeding, events, brand trips, paid partnerships, and more.

Flawlessly apply content insights

Gather in-depth data insights from authentication, branded content, and proprietary measurement methods like Earned Media Value (EMV) to make informed decisions.

Secure long-lasting results

Prove ROI and showcase the effectiveness of a campaign, creator, or a single post to emphasize Return on Creator Spend and justify costs.

Spotlight What is Earned Media Value?

The gold standard for influencer marketing reporting among beauty brands.

EMV is a proprietary, holistic metric that helps marketers better understand the value of their earned social content by:

  • Gauging brand awareness and measuring success of brand lift strategies. 
  • Measuring social relevance over time.
  • Evaluating and benchmarking brand, competitor, creator, and post performance to inform future strategy.
  • Measuring and evaluating growth.

Operate with
growth in mind

Tailor your strategy for end-to-end growth by prioritizing creator listening and analytics that help you identify community trends, assess health, and mitigate potential issues.

Strive to be a market leading trendsetter

Stay sharp by understanding your performance relative to your competitors and category, and gain insight on how to increase your Share of Voice.

Leverage a strong palette of analytics

Get insight from from dozens of community measurement metrics—like EMV, engagement rate, and frequency—to optimize for continued growth.

Never exhaust your pool of fresh talent

Adopt an always-on discovery strategy to continuously identify new creators, ensuring that your roster of potential partners never reaches its limits.

Stay updated with the latest in creator marketing

Tribe Dynamics, a CreatorIQ Company, is a leading voice for influencer marketing insights and benchmarking within the beauty and fashion space.

Join the conversation and subscribe to the Top 10 Leaderboard, a monthly performance report tracking the top brands in the industry.

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