Discover Maintain Your Community Health

Assess your brand community health to increase creator retention and loyalty and ensure your community is scaled and highly engaged.

Content Capture Pinpoint Opportunities to Foster Creator Relationships

Diagnose areas of concern or opportunity for engagement by automatically assessing your community based on creator posting behavior and performance.
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Nurture at risk partnerships

Evaluate and re-engage valuable partners identified as ‘At Risk’ if their post frequency decreases significantly.

Target retained, new, and
lost creators

Use automatic creator segmentation based on posting behavior to customize your outreach strategy and deliver against unique loyalty or retention goals.

Customize views to segment by health metrics

Save dynamic dashboard views to surface creators based on the metrics most pertinent to your community health goals.

Data & Segmentation Sustain Longterm Community Engagement

Build a foundation for longterm success by fostering and maintaining a strong creator community. Use acquired knowledge about your community to organize creators, devise targeted strategies, and measure success over time.
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Leverage creator intelligence for different outcomes

Identify and activate the creators best suited to help you achieve brand awareness, consumer engagement, or commerce goals.

Play to your
community’s strengths

Take the guesswork out of planning activations by knowing the ins and outs of your creator community, and base decisions off of community metrics like Earned Media Value (EMV), creator retention, post frequency, and message potency.

Maintain personalization in your partnerships

Build relationships by emphasizing personalization and authenticity within creator outreach and communication.
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Spotlight What is Earned Media Value?

The gold standard for influencer marketing reporting among beauty brands.

EMV is a proprietary, holistic metric that helps marketers better understand the value of their earned social content by:

  • Gauging brand awareness and measuring success of brand lift strategies. 
  • Measuring social relevance over time.
  • Evaluating and benchmarking brand, competitor, creator, and post performance to inform future strategy.
  • Measuring and evaluating growth.
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