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Make a fashion statement on the social media runway.

From sneakerheads to luxury enthusiasts, and sustainable fashion lovers to athleisure aficionados, CreatorIQ's tailored solution delivers diverse outcomes that match the multitude of styles in the fashion industry.

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Transform your community of passionate fans into brand ambassadors

Uncover fashion-forward content creators who share unsponsored opinions about your brand and take their loyalty and engagement to new heights by activating them as influential ambassadors.

Discover model creators to represent your brand

Cultivate a creator community of ambassadors and activate them for specific programs.

Guarantee you show up in fit-checks

Influence the conversation by gifting and seeding products to passionate fans already talking about you to their audiences.

Aspire to be the centerfold of influential creator content

Track and measure your community content to understand brand lift and efficacy of programs using a suite of industry standard metrics like EMV, frequency, potency, engagement rate, reach, and more!

Calculate all-in investment costs for precise ROI tracking

Measure overall Return on Creator Spend by holistically tracking compensation, cost of products, and value of content based on performance.

Create brand buzz and excitement out of high-touch cultural moments

Launch strategic social activations that complement and support show seasons, or large launches by building brand awareness via celebrity and macro creator engagement.

Extend the runway of your brand’s influence

Launch activations around interim activities like bag seedings to keep the conversation going during off-season.

Ensure premium experiences for high-profile partners

Rely on contracting, vetting, and stored personal information to ensure all campaign considerations are buttoned up, especially when working with celebrities and stylists, or loaning items.

Measure the social impact of your brand among trendsetters

Consistently track and monitor content and brand mentions by celebrities and influential creators to understand the impact of live events or social initiatives.

Keep up with the latest styles

Use Earned Media Value (EMV) and competitive insights to benchmark your brand’s presence, influence, impact in the market, and even compare to owned and operated channels.

Spotlight What is Earned Media Value?

The gold standard for influencer marketing reporting among fashion and retail brands.

EMV is a proprietary, holistic metric that helps marketers better understand the value of their earned social content by:

  • Gauging brand awareness and measuring success of brand lift strategies. 
  • Measuring social relevance over time.
  • Evaluating and benchmarking brand, competitor, creator, and post performance to inform future strategy.
  • Measuring and evaluating growth.

Activate creators to drive direct revenue

Tap ambassadors for always-on strategies or for specific products, seasons, or launches to increase sales and transform your creator community into a revenue generating stream.

Turn OOTD inspiration into a reality

Easily onboard and setup creators to promote products using affiliate links or promo codes.

Run a tailored program with precise measurements

Track attribution, performance, and calculate creator commissions and payouts.

Choose from a wardrobe of metrics staples

Accurately analyze and report on ROI using industry-defined conversion metrics from gross sales, net revenue, converstion rates, and more!

Stay updated with the latest in creator marketing

Tribe Dynamics, a CreatorIQ Company, is a leading voice for influencer marketing insights and benchmarking within the beauty and fashion space.

Join the conversation and subscribe to the Top 10 Leaderboard, a monthly performance report tracking the top brands in the industry.

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