CreatorIQ for Direct to Consumer Brands Work Smarter, Grow Better

Empowering agile, yet powerful teams to achieve revolutionary brand expansion. 

Having already successfully positioned your brand amidst a noisy digital landscape, it's time to elevate your creator marketing strategy and experience remarkable growth with CreatorIQ.

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Efficiently scale your
growth marketing model

Do more with less by investing in a scalable, growth-oriented solution for expanding your most important marketing channel: social media.

Tap into the existing conversation

Find the creators who are already fans of your brand to authentically connect with an engaged consumer audience.

Evolve without straining bandwidth

Leverage automation, templates, bulk actions and more when managing creators and executing campaigns to scale your program without the need for additional resources.

Maintain a growth-hacking mindset

Analyze in-depth data and insights to pinpoint trends and areas of opportunity.

Empower creators to drive sales

Easily activate creators to drive revenue from always-on strategies, seasonal campaigns, or product launch activations.

Run sales-first campaigns

Generate and distribute unique promo codes and tracking links at scale.

Measure meaningful KPIs

Analyze the success and ROI of your program with comprehensive conversion analytics.

Develop professional partnerships

Wow your creator-partners with an exceptional experience, including campaign and performance dashboards, and commission calculation for on-time payments.

Measure lift from gifted products

Streamline gifting operations and better track impact on brand lift, ROI, and your bottom line.

Stay on top of
personal details

Automatically collect creator-reported information and preferences to make product gifting a breeze.

Connect creators to products they want

Integrate Shopify storefronts and offers creators a destination where they can select and order the products they want to promote.

Make promoted products a central aspect of campaigns

Easily incorporate gifting by creating a centralized product database and assign products to creators within a campaign.

Shift easily from planning to

Export all creator and product information for fulfillment and distribution teams.

Confidently assess ROI with a complete breakdown of creator costs

View aggregated product costs within your overall budget to better determine return on creator spend.

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