Discover Analyze
Community Trends

Listen to and identify trends from the communities that matter most to you by monitoring creator activity to uncover areas of opportunity.

Content Capture Monitor Content with Unmatched Accuracy

Capture and analyze the content being created about your brand with superior reliability and real-time post detection, ensuring you have an accurate and thorough understanding of your community’s impact.
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Confidently track every
media type

Monitor content holistically, from stories, reels, carousels, videos and more across Instagram, to TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and RSS feeds.

Never miss a brand

Text-based technology allows you to track any brand or product mentions that are important to your program, and refine its accuracy over time.

Customize your content

Curate and save views that filter by date range, creator groups, keywords, media type or key metrics.

Data & Segmentation Analyze the Impact
of Your Community

Cumulative insights reveal the broader influence of your community of creators, so you can employ strategies aimed at influencing community growth and improvement over time.
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Chart community growth
over time

Track community size alongside cumulative performance metrics to ensure growth is consistent and optimized for impact.

Invest in your most
impactful creators

Analyze your community breakdown by follower count to understand the most impactful tier of creators to activate across particular channels, campaigns or programs.

Determine your strongest performing channels

Evaluate trends in performance across social channels and media types to understand which platforms and posts are consistently effective.
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