CreatorIQ for Sports Brands Unleash Game-Changing Creator Marketing

Score big with dynamic, creator marketing solutions fine-tuned for sports brands.

Discover the winning formula to excel in creator marketing for sports brands, harnessing the enthusiasm of passionate fans and leveraging the potential of social media to elevate brand awareness, foster fan loyalty and engagement, and drive significant bottom-line impact.

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Build an all-star team of sports influencers

Unlock a database of influential athletes, sports enthusiasts, and dedicated team fans and forge powerful partnerships for any strategic initiative–whether a buzz-worthy celebrity endorsement, or a localized initiative to build excitement for an upcoming season.

Discover your
sports MVPs

Partner with celebrity athletes perfect for driving awareness and game attendance; and activate micro and macro creators as authentic and passionate ambassadors.

Guarantee you stick the landing

Verify your creator’s metrics like location, age, and audience align with your activation strategy, so your message resonates with the right sports fans.

Execute with a solid game plan

Rely on contracting, vetting, accuracy of data, and stored personal information to ensure all legal, compliance, and campaign considerations are buttoned up, especially if working with celebrities.

Track game-changing engagements

Launch compelling activations centered around a new season, event, merchandise launch, or celebratory team news and measure effectiveness using a suite of industry-leading data and metrics tailored to your desired outcomes.

Capture content play-by-plays

Measure effectiveness by tracking content performance from activations in real time.

Leverage a winning playbook of analytics

Uncover insights from a range of stats—such as engagement rates, reach, and EMV—to quantify brand awareness and correlate it to stadium attendance or other off-social actions.

Drive fans to the end-zone

Leverage attribution tracking and direct-sales tactics to measure site traffic, app downloads, ticket sales, or merchandise purchase driven by ambassadors.

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