Part 4) How to Judge Influencer Marketing Platform Maturity Related to Customization, Security, and Advanced Admin Controls

Nov 20, 2020

Once your business decides to invest in influencer marketing as a channel, it’s important to ensure you have the right tools for the job. If you’ve reached this fourth blog post in our 13-part series, you know that selecting the right influencer marketing platform is key to your program’s success. Finding the best influencer marketing platform can be a cumbersome process taking anywhere from 60 to 90 days. There is so much to consider as you evaluate prospective influencer technology companies.         .

Selecting an Enterprise Marketing Platform

13 Part Blog Series

  1. The 5 Typical Stages When Evaluating an Influencer Marketing Platform
  2. Thinking about Your Long-term Influencer Marketing Strategy
  3. The Importance of Industry Reviews & Rankings When Selecting the Best Influencer Marketing Platform
  4. How to Judge Influencer Marketing Platform Maturity Related to Customization, Security, and Advanced Admin Controls
  5. Why Marketers Should Prioritize Influencer Marketing Platforms with Advanced Data Science Solutions
  6. How to Make Sense of The Services That Different Influencer Marketing Platforms Provide
  7. How to Choose an Influencer Marketing Platform with The Best Creator Search Solution
  8. Why An Influencer Marketing Platform Should Have Solutions that Automate the Vetting of Influencers
  9. How to Evaluate Influencer Marketing Platforms’ Collaboration and Approval Solutions
  10. Why Advanced Campaign Management Capabilities Should Be Integral to Your Prospective Influencer Marketing Platforms’ Solution Set
  11. How Influencer Marketers Can Evaluate Measurement, First-party Data, and Reporting Solutions When Considering an Influencer Marketing Platform
  12. Why a Robust & Customizable CRM is a Crucial Influencer Marketing Platform Solution to Scale Your Influencer Marketing Strategy
  13. When Deciding on an Influencer Marketing Platform, Evaluate its Integrations & APIs

Don’t want to jump from blog post to blog post? We’ve got you. Feel free to download the full user-friendly guide below:

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss one of the key features and capabilities marketers generally overlook when researching influencer marketing platforms: user permission levels.

1. Why Your Long-term Influencer Marketing Strategy is a Factor

When it comes to influencer marketing strategy, marketers often focus on campaign-specific priorities and overlook long-term considerations. For example, a marketer will tell you how important creator discovery is, but neglect to consider who might need access to campaign data 12 months after the campaign ends. When you are on the hunt for a robust influencer marketing platform, ensure that the options are equipped with advanced user permission levels so that you can manage who has access and who doesn’t - this will allow you to collaborate in the present, while accounting for the future.

2. An Influencer Marketing Platform’s Integrations & Security Matter

The reality is that an influencer marketing platform’s ability to provide customizable control shows how dependable or mature they are in the market. Consider researching a market leading or well-established solution that will stay around and add new features that are compatible with other vendors.

Pro Tip: 

An API is a game changer because it allows you to integrate seamlessly with more extensive adtech and martech stacks and ensure enhanced security. 

3. Your Team’s Workflow Can Be a Breeze with Customization & User Permissions

Having controlled access over your platform will contribute to the efficiency of your workflow by eliminating the messiness of spreadsheets, screenshots, and excessive email. Specifically, it enables you to provide partners and external teams a simple way to share creator and campaign information. For example, in the CreatorIQ platform, we give you the flexibility to follow creators in your partners’ network, approve and collaborate on content, and access a historical repository of created content and campaign performance (which is super helpful in forecasting which creators will perform best). The ability to go beyond basic reporting and offer your partners more value with dynamic insights in real-time, well, that’s priceless.

“CreatorIQ is by far the most user friendly data platform I have come across. Every team we have shared it with internally loves the design of the reporting and how simple it is to surface data points.” – Mary Williamson, Director of Business Development, Fox Networks Group

Pro-Tip: Do not forget about the ability to easily white-label parts of the platform for different brands, clients, or partners.

The Questions to Ask: 

  • How many ways can the platform be white-labeled?
  • How many different types of user permission levels are available? For example, Admin permission levels, basic permission levels, etc.

Here is a grid for inspiration when deciding between your top choices for influencer marketing platforms. We have also built a few Google Sheet workbook grids; access them here.

The Takeaway

As you may already know, there is a lot to consider during your process to find the right technology platform to manage your influencer marketing efforts. In the next blog post, we will discuss how you should be thinking about your long-term influencer marketing strategy during your selection process. Get the complete Guide & Workbook for Selecting an Enterprise Influencer Marketing Platform or stay tuned for the next blog post.