Search Confidently with Discovery

The industry's most complete database with access to every creator profile in the world.
Surface the best creators for your brand with the discovery engine built for scale. It’s equipped with Google AI image recognition for enriched creator data including interest and brand affinities to recommend creators. Our influencer marketing platform also features audience profiles, growth history, and cross-platform content to help you find, assess, and qualify over 15 million creators before adding them to your network.
1b social accounts
in real time
Powered by
Google AI
Top social platforms

Manage Skillfully with Influencer CRM

Build a high impact creator network with powerfully enriched data and creator management.
Our Influencer Marketing CRM allows you to ingest proprietary first party data, enrich creator profiles, and house campaign information to build and manage your private network in a centralized environment. Create talent one-sheets and build a repository of top talent that you can share with internal and external teams to prepare for upcoming campaigns.
data fields
Social accounts
Contract, campaign,
and payout history

Collaborate Effectively with Campaign Management

Robust management across the entire campaign lifecycle, from setting requirements to tracking performance.
Launch campaigns with automated workflow features for efficient collaboration and precise measurement. Equipped with solutions to manage the volume and complexity of the entire campaign lifecycle, Campaign Management facilitates team collaboration, content approval, and tracks each creator’s activation and posting status. Upon launch, measure key metrics in real-time and pace performance against set benchmarks.
content approval
Requirements and
budget tracking

Report Beautifully with Campaign Dashboards

Visually captivating custom reports that don’t skimp on the metrics that matter.
Automate custom reporting. Build configurable, in-depth reports with more than just vanity metrics, in a visually compelling design made for influencer marketing. Easily publish and share dynamic, real-time reports with internal and external teams that focus on performance and ROI while highlighting campaign content. Using our influencer marketing platform, export performance data into your DMP or internal systems to tie into your greater business objectives.
Configurable metrics
aligned to KPIs
content collages
Easy publishing
& sharing
White-labeled with
your branding

Integrate Seamlessly with Data Capabilities

Big data & API functionalities to power all of your custom enterprise needs.
Our platform's data management capabilities support all of your custom application or workflow needs via a robust API. With best-in-class security vetted by the world’s toughest companies, securely push any data in or pull any data out. Integrate with top analytics platforms, visualization tools, document management software, payment solutions, and data suites.
Secure encryption
& data privacy
Data from our
Custom apps
& workflows
3rd-party platform
"CreatorIQ campaign reporting allows us to align KPIs and provides one source of reporting truth across our global marketing teams and influencer campaigns."
Caitlin Johnson, Senior International PR Manager, Visit England

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