Report Unleashing the Power of Creators

In this exclusive report, CreatorIQ commissioned Aberdeen Strategy & Research—a leading market research firm—to conduct a survey exploring the role influencer marketing plays in brands’ wide-ranging desired business outcomes through the lens of marketing leaders in VP roles or higher. 

As the economy continues to fluctuate and budgets restrict, marketing leaders have shifted ad spend from traditional digital outlets to creator-led initiatives that drive full-funnel marketing results. By placing creators at the center of marketing strategies, brands are able to outpace previous advancements in the creator economy within their potential to scale business outcomes. When amplifying creator assets through various channels and tactics, brands can magnify their marketing efforts at a lower cost and with a deeper impact.

This report examines measurement standards and provides a deep dive into how marketing leaders are harnessing investments in creator-led marketing to drive ROI and optimal business impact. 


Unleashing the Power of Creators_Cover

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