Creator Intelligence

Intelligence, insights, and execution for brand growth

Good creator marketing builds brands, sells products, and powers all channels with content and insights.

Our creator marketing solution starts with the intelligence to understand the landscape, know where you stand, set a playbook for growth, and measure your progress. We have the workflow, integrations, and reporting to help you put it all into practice.

Creator Intelligence is supercharging our clients’ ability to make better decisions, and our execution upgrades are set to transform the way they operate. Because when it comes to any KPIs that your brand is looking to achieve, creator content works better.

Use intelligent data and insights to find the ideal creators for your brand

With our new AI-powered Creator Discovery, you can enjoy better, faster, smarter creator search and selection. Our new system uses semantic models to surface more relevant results, and unlocks faster discovery with a ‘search the way you talk’ quick-search bar. Plus, when you find those excellent creators, you can use them to identify similar creators via smart recommendations.

Harness and syndicate the best content across your organization

An all new Content Library is your command center for all things content. It houses every piece of content you've ever commissioned, loved, or wanted to use again—organized, tagged, and accessible in one place. It helps surface the right post for paid media or owned & operated channels. It’s more powerful than a tool of convenience; it’s about strategy. For the first time, you can can look at all creative through a content-first lens to help shape your broader marketing plans and unlock greater business value.

Measure ROI and drive efficiency to ensure your program works

We’re bringing you an easier, more dynamic, and more sophisticated way to analyze your campaigns to prove that what you’re doing is working. Our dynamic analytics dashboard allows for real-time performance views by attributes like publishing dates, preferred metrics, creators, social platform, or post types. It standardizes all your reporting while giving you more flexibility to drill down and deftly analyze your performance from every angle. Now, it’s easier than ever to monitor, analyze in detail, to showcase your success, and optimize your strategy for future campaigns.

Gauge your Share of Influence with competitive benchmarking to guarantee better results

With our Share of Influence reports, you can tap into market insights that give you a sense of what creators and content are driving the most value and awareness for you, and then benchmark your performance against both competitors and your industry at large. Share of Influence is a proven predictor of a range of future brand outcomes, including search traffic, revenue, market share, and even stock prices.

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Unlock the future of great creator marketing with the best of intelligence and execution, together in one solution. After all, you can’t have great Creator Intelligence without a great CreatorIQ.