Achieve e-commerce objectives with full transparency

Forget the days of working with creator networks that act like a black box.
Fully control your holistic creator programs when it comes to affiliate marketing where you can plan, execute, and measure the success of your e-commerce conversions.

Easily activate creators to drive revenue

Integrate your e-commerce and influencer strategy so creators can drive direct revenue through online transactions.
CreatorIQ connects to all major affiliate platforms so you can generate and share monetized links and codes with creators from your solution of choice.

Gift and seed products from a single view

Eliminate the challenges of manually sending products to creators by streamlining the entire process within CreatorIQ.
CreatorIQ’s Shopify integration lets you seed products directly from your e-commerce site without jumping back and forth between tools.

Send creators the products they want

From product type to size to color, let creators order their perfect product directly from your e-commerce store by easily selecting items for them to choose.
Keep creators in the know with automated tracking and delivery information, and stay on top of inventory and costs directly within CreatorIQ.

Effectively measure ROI with comprehensive conversion analytics

Measure the impact of your e-commerce focused campaigns by tracking conversions from unique coupon codes and relevant affiliate links.
Access complete and digestible results automatically and become a smarter marketer with every creator selection.
"CreatorIQ has empowered us to measure the effectiveness of our online social community of passionate brand ambassadors and fans who embody the ethos of YETI."
Bill Neff, Marketing Director, YETI


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