Offer a premium, branded partnership experience in a secure environment

Create a seamless experience for creators who join your network by centralizing all partnership and campaign information in a single, branded place. All they need to do is login!
Plus, getting out of text or email reduces privacy and compliance risks when gathering personal information. 

Build a stronger network with complete creator information from the start

Don’t chase creators down for missing information or waste time manually updating your CRM.
Provide a consumer grade sign-up experience that allows creators to authenticate accounts, self declare demographic details, and input complete onboarding information.

Leverage custom questionnaires
for specific goals

Include questions that enrich your creator data such as preferences (i.e. favorite products) or details (i.e shoe size) to aid you in creator selection and campaign preparation.
While you have them there, take the opportunity to launch a focus group of your most engaged partners to gather product or brand feedback.

Efficiently scale programs by streamlining onboarding & recruitment

Don’t get bogged down by onboarding backlogs, manual outreach, or spinning up a custom site.
Connect offers a configurable, out-of-the-box website that can be used to greatly scale programs by collecting all the information you need from creators in a single, easy-to-use destination without straining resources.
"CreatorIQ has empowered us to measure the effectiveness of our online social community of passionate brand ambassadors and fans who embody the ethos of YETI."
Bill Neff, Marketing Director, YETI

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