CreatorIQ Announces Early Adoption of Instagram Creator Marketplace API

Apr 11, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Instagram has selected CreatorIQ as an early adopter of its Creator Marketplace API program

Our focus has always been to bring creators and brands closer together, putting creators at the center of the ecosystem while they power the creator economy. As one of the first early access partners chosen by Instagram, this inaugural launch allows us to bring new, streamlined, and efficient solutions to customers and their creator partners. The new API makes it easier to send and receive messages right on the platform creators use most: their DM inbox.

Brands using the CreatorIQ platform can communicate and nurture relationships with creators more directly via a priority inbox dedicated solely to partnership communications within the Creator Marketplace. This new environment will allow brands to scale their creator partnership agreements on Instagram without switching platforms. In tandem, creators will be able to more easily manage their interactions and communication with followers and brands, and further nurture their business partnerships.

Foster Creator Partnerships at Scale

Traditional methods of reaching consumers via high-profile media advertisements have been dissolving. Brand partnerships with creators, who bring a unique perspective and authentic voice, have proven more effective at capturing the attention of audiences. Investments in the creator economy have increased correspondingly, jumping to $16.4B in 2022—more than double its 2019 value. 

This momentum is why we’re focused on developing new, innovative ways for creators and brands to work together. As an inaugural launch partner, CreatorIQ will be able to develop solutions for a seamless experience for brand-creator collaboration, elevating communication and supporting opportunities that evolve into long-term relationships. The direct priority partnership inbox provides an opportunity for brands to reach a wide network of creators and scale partnership programs, while creators are empowered to build community and incremental monetization amid a booming creator economy.

Currently available to select pilot customers, we are working on expanding access to all CreatorIQ customers in the coming months.

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