Customer Story How Foodie Tribe Optimizes Campaigns in Real Time

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Foodie Tribe is one part influencer agency, one part creative agency, and 100% focused on the food + beverage industry. They help brands, products, and services in the food + beverage industry grow their business through influencer marketing and social media marketing.

At a Glance

Learn how Foodie Tribe, a 100% focused on food + beverage agency, uses CreatorIQ to:

  • Access creator data in a single intuitive location
  • Track KPIs in real time
  • Craft detailed proposals for clients
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Background From Creator to CEO

Katy Coffield understands creator marketing better than most executives. After all, it’s where she got her start.

Before she became CEO of Foodie Tribe, a creative marketing agency that helps pair content creators with brands and agencies in the food and beverage space, Katy was a food blogger. When she founded her blog in 2009, creator marketing was still nascent, but Katy quickly learned the ropes.

After posting about restaurants on her blog, she was soon getting invitations to try out new hotspots. These blog posts soon turned into opportunities to craft Instagram and Twitter content promoting select restaurants, and before long, Katy was a full-fledged influencer.

“CreatorIQ helps my team be more collaborative and more efficient with their time. In turn, this allows us to close more projects and give more campaigns to each individual team member to manage—all of which helps Foodie Tribe grow!”

Katy Coffield CEO, Foodie Tribe

Mission Help Clients Harness the Power of Creator Data

Foodie Tribe’s account managers manage the day-to-day operations for its clients’ creator marketing campaigns. Foodie Tribe aims to solve the tremendous time-spend that these campaigns require, making life easier for its partners. For the most part, Foodie Tribe asks its creators to author a few reels and Instagram stories for brand campaigns, while an increasing number of clients have expressed interest in TikTok. 

Once Foodie Tribe has all the content from its creators, its clients will use that content in various ways. Foodie Tribe includes usage rights in the majority of its agreements, so that brands can use the content, as well as any other marketing materials, across their owned social media channels.

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Challenge Increase Efficiency and Content Organization

By taking the time and effort of campaign planning onto itself, Foodie Tribe was faced with a resource crunch. Its account managers were working off Google spreadsheets, and with relevant materials scattered across a disorganized Drive, collaboration was difficult.

Additionally, the client-facing aspects of Foodie Tribe’s work needed an overhaul: creator selection and data-gathering were tedious processes, and Foodie Tribe was sending creator content to its clients via time-consuming presentation decks.

Solution Streamline Operations with Detailed Proposals

CreatorIQ’s Campaign Planner helps Foodie Tribe craft detailed proposals for clients, providing these clients with a clear sense of the KPIs that a specific group of creators can hit for a specific campaign via the campaign planner.

One big piece here is when it comes to audience demographics. Before CreatorIQ, Foodie Tribe was unable to offer a demographic breakdown to its clients. Now, when Foodie Tribe pitches a new brand, or submits creator suggestions to a current partner, both Foodie Tribe and its client have all the info they need to make informed decisions on campaign and partnership goals.

“What is really cool about CIQ is the campaign planner, which is an area of the platform my team uses very often. Once a campaign closes and we pitch the influencers we provide different scenarios to the client and lead them through the possible KPIs we can hit depending on who we partner with!”

Katy Coffield CEO, Foodie Tribe


  • CreatorIQ enables the Foodie Tribe team to track KPIs as campaign content goes live in real time—which is, as Katy puts it, “awesome.”
  • No more spreadsheets, disorganization, or wasted time: with CreatorIQ, Foodie Tribe can access all its creator data in a single intuitive location.
  • Thanks to CreatorIQ’s Campaign Planner, Foodie Tribe can provide multiple different scenarios to clients or prospective partners, leading them through possible KPIs depending on different groups of creators.
  • CreatorIQ helps Foodie Tribe be precise when putting together client proposals, pitching multiple iterations of a campaign across different budgets.

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