Part 13 ) When Deciding on an Influencer Marketing Platform, Evaluate its Integrations & APIs

Mar 1, 2021

As influencer marketing becomes a larger part of your integrated marketing mix, it’s critical to pick a platform that can easily connect to any other software that your cross-functional teams use. This can include a variety of other marketing platforms, as well as sales, business intelligence (BI) software, or project management tools.

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RESTful API and Relevant Integrations

Flexibility and options are key when evaluating a platform’s API connections. RESTful API offers greater flexibility and is generally considered more secure than simple (or SOAP) APIs.

Create a checklist of the software your company uses to make sure the platform you’re considering has the relevant integrations for your needs. Consider robust APIs with social media platforms to Business Intelligence software like Tableau, Google Analytics, CRMs like Salesforce, social CRMs, but also collaboration and project management tools, eCommerce and affiliate platforms.


Questions to Ask:​ Ask about all of the different platforms to which the influencer marketing platform can connect, such as Salesforce, Adobe, Oracle, DMPs, CDPs, Tableau, or social CRMs, just to name a few.

Data and Security

The transfer of data between connected platforms can come with some risk and security needs to be at the forefront of the APIs and integrations that a platform offers. Ask for transparency in the prioritization of data security to ensure that your proprietary data and information are safe.


Pro-Tip:​ ​Speak to customers using the API as many platforms say that they have one when they do not. Speak to no fewer than three customers using the API.

With so many variables to consider, it’s helpful to create a checklist of the API features you need within an influencer marketing platform. For inspiration, download the CreatorIQ checklist template here.

The Takeaway

A robust API will offer the opportunity to grow your influencer marketing strategies as you integrate them deeper into your marketing mix. A smart influencer marketing platform will seamlessly connect to all of the software that your team uses, while protecting your data--no matter the size of your database and transfers.

Accurate measurement and campaign management become cumbersome without capable APIs and integrations. Prioritize these features to avoid issues down the road.

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