Platform Buying Guide

Use this guide to:

  • Identify the right platform to drive measurable results for long-term influencer marketing success
  • Learn what influencer marketing processes to follow and criteria to look for when choosing a platform that aligns with your goals and requirements
  • Understand how platform governance and data impact your influencer strategy
  • Discover what campaign management and reporting customisation to implement for streamlining your workflow

"Considering a new influencer platform, upgrading your current platform or switching completely? CreatorIQ shares their insights and a plethora of criteria in this new resource to help you discover the best platform for growing and developing your influencer marketing program"
Joele Forrester
Joele Forrester Digital Journalist, Talking Influence

How to Evaluate an Influencer Marketing Platform

Whether you are searching for a platform for the first time, upgrading from an entry-level platform, or switching enterprise platforms, this guide provides a comprehensive list of criteria.

Table of Contents<br>

Use this guide to consider:

  • Your Long-term Influencer Marketing Strategy
  • Important Industry Reviews & Rankings
  • Governance, i.e., User Permission Levels, Customization, and Security
  • All Things Data, i.e., Data Ownership & Data Science
  • Platforms with Different Types of Services
  • Searching for Influencers
  • Vetting Influencers
  • Influencer Recommendations and Approvals
  • Campaign Management
  • Measurement & Reporting
  • Managing an Influencer Database (CRM)
  • Integrations & APIs

Throughout the guide, look out for:

Pro-Tips: are things that experienced influencer marketing professionals know to investigate.

Questions to Ask: are literal questions to ask the platforms you are considering.

Use this Guide as a Workbook...<br>
...or, Access the Selection Criteria/ RFP Template

We’ve already turned this 20-page guide into a Google Sheet for you to easily download and use.

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