CreatorIQ Named Official TikTok Marketing Partner

Jan 12, 2022
CreatorIQ Named Official TikTok Marketing Partner

Partnership Gives Brand and Agency Customers Direct Access to First-Party TikTok Creator Marketplace Performance and Audience Metrics Through the CreatorIQ SaaS Platform

We are thrilled to announce that TikTok has named CreatorIQ an official TikTok Marketing Partner—becoming TikTok’s first SaaS-only influencer marketing platform partner. 

The integration will give CreatorIQ customers access to key TikTok creator and content metrics that are available in the TikTok Creator Marketplace through the CreatorIQ dashboard. This means brands will have direct access to TikTok’s exclusive first-party insights on audience demographics, growth trends, best-performing videos, and more to help them identify the best creators to work with. CreatorIQ customers can also now plan and execute end-to-end TikTok creator marketing campaigns within CreatorIQ’s Intelligence Cloud.

TikTok is an important element of CreatorIQ’s mission to connect global brands and agencies with creators as the single source of truth to manage and measure every aspect of influencer marketing. TikTok has quickly become a critical platform for both brands and creators, reporting more than 1 billion monthly users, while CreatorIQ has identified engagement rates as high as 15% across multiple categories in a recent analysis. 

“Over the past two years, TikTok has become a powerhouse platform for creators, who are driving the cultural conversation for the entire digital world,” said Tim Sovay, Chief Operating Officer at CreatorIQ. “This partnership will give CreatorIQ customers the ability to pair TikTok’s first-party data and analytics with our robust workflow and measurement solutions to create truly effective ROI-based campaigns. What’s more, it contributes additional data to our efforts of developing and delivering standardized benchmarks for the entire industry.”

"Creators are the lifeblood of our platform, and we're constantly thinking of new ways to make it easy for them to connect and collaborate with brands,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. “We're thrilled to be integrating with an elite group of trusted partners to help brands discover and work with diverse creators who can share their message in an authentic way."

The TikTok partnership closely follows CreatorIQ’s acquisition of influencer marketing analytics platform Tribe Dynamics, which greatly extended our leadership position as the largest global influencer marketing SaaS platform in terms of revenue, growth, data authority, and global expansion. 

“TikTok has become a key platform for brands looking to tap into culture," said Gary Orellana, SVP of Influencer Marketing at dentsu, Americas. "The ability to access the TikTok Creator Marketplace through the CreatorIQ dashboard allows us to maximize the impact of our creator outreach and management efforts, by unifying them across platforms, providing real-time first-party data, and creating efficiencies for our clients.”

TikTok introduced the Creator Marketplace API in September last year, providing direct access to first-party data such as audience demographics, growth trends, best-performing videos, and real-time campaign reporting. 

Until now, access was limited to marketing agencies. With this integration, CreatorIQ can bring real scale to the API. We will put TikTok’s first-party data in the hands of over/nearly 500 hundred brand-direct clients, as well as global agency clients like WPP, Dentsu, IPG (not to mention thousands of their respective brand clients as well). That’s roughly 10,000+ monthly users operating across 90+ countries… a far greater reach than any of the individual marketing agencies who have had access to the TikTok API to date.

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