Drive global standardization across multiple teams

Feel empowered to segment team workflows without compromising organization-wide standards.
Create performance visibility at a global level. Maintain access to the same pool of approved
in-network creators and standardize reporting across brands and markets.

Segment work by your preferred team structure

Reduce noise and confusion by organizing your teams by how they work.
Whether you need to structure your environment by sub-brand, regional branches, or internal departments, team management makes user access controls and custom workflow setup a breeze.

Create on-brand messaging specific to each team

Executing campaigns by region, business unit, or sub-brand requires different branding, messaging, and template styles.
Easily create and save your brand guidelines for seamless communications and reporting specific to your sub-division’s needs.
"CreatorIQ has empowered us to measure the effectiveness of our online social community of passionate brand ambassadors and fans who embody the ethos of YETI."
Bill Neff, Marketing Director, YETI

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