Scale ad programs with streamlined creator whitelisting

Remove the challenges that come with requesting and obtaining whitelisting permission from creators.

Make whitelisting simple and easy by offering one place to authenticate social accounts and grant whitelisting access. It’s integrated, automated, and can be done in bulk.

Use creators and their content to improve paid social performance

Combat creative fatigue and unlock a library of authentic creator content proven to improve CPA and CAC. Plus, generate unique lookalike audiences to help optimize outcomes.

Get a unified view of your combined influencer and advertising ROI

Eliminate spreadsheets and automatically report on paid, organic, or combined performance metrics so you can measure the full impact of creator-driven campaigns.
"We‘re excited to partner with CreatorIQ, a leading provider of audience intelligence, to empower our sales teams and have them maximize our powerful creator network."
Jennifer Perri, Vice President, Univision Creator Network

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