Unite your influencer marketing data to the rest of your organization

Remove data silos and integrate your way.
With our API, you can provide a complete view of influencer and marketing performance in a single place by sending data from CIQ into other tools, or importing insights into CreatorIQ.

Automatically sync multiple sources of creator data

Bring sales, customer, and performance insights together to always have a complete picture of creator data.
Connect disparate and distributed creator data seamlessly using the CreatorIQ API.

Build your custom solution, powered by CreatorIQ

Leverage CreatorIQ’s extensive access to social data, authentication, and insights to streamline your own custom influencer marketing solutions.
Build on top of CreatorIQ’s API to avoid the complexity of integrating with multiple social channels, accessing creator and audience data, and generating insights.
"CreatorIQ has empowered us to measure the effectiveness of our online social community of passionate brand ambassadors and fans who embody the ethos of YETI."
Bill Neff, Marketing Director, YETI

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