CreatorIQ's Creator-Led Collective is an exclusive community of leaders that come together to discuss the ever-evolving creator economy. 


Across verticals and industries, game-changing creator-led marketing shares common patterns and principles. This Collective brings together decision-makers from enterprise businesses, brands, agencies, and media partners to meet throughout the year to share insights on effective marketing strategies. 


These invite-only events connect executives across verticals to discuss challenges they're facing and successful strategies that have helped them navigate this ever-changing space. 


Learn more about our past Creator-Led Collective events below and stay tuned for our next roundtable coming soon.


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Previous Roundtables

New York City 

Date: Wednesday, December 14, 2022

What will your creator-led marketing strategy look like in 2023? 

Leaders from media companies, fashion brands, and agencies assembled for our second Creator-Led Collective in New York City,  hosted by CreatorIQ's own Chief Strategy Officer, Conor Begley. With the new year fast approaching, the conversation focused on 2023 strategies for creator-led marketing.

A common theme throughout the discussion was 'cross-functionality', from leveraging creator content across platforms to working with other teams internally to amplify funnel engagement. Another hot topic was 'balance' - from finding a balance between brand-generated content and creator content to creating balance in budgets when looking to expand their creator-led campaigns, the concept of 'balance' was top of mind. 

Attendees were able to take away insights, across industries, to better prepare their strategy for 2023 as the Creator-Economy continues to grow. 


Los Angeles

Date: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

What makes a 'great' creator-led marketing strategy? 

We gathered directors and VPs across the beauty, fashion, sports, F&B, and agency verticals to discuss how they create winning influencer marketing campaigns. 

The group addressed some of the biggest challenges marketers face when building creator-led campaigns. The discussion touched on each step of the journey, from implementing effective strategies for Creator Discovery, leveraging top-performing content for cross-platform campaigns, and understanding how to define success and measure performance. 

With conversations around shaping both experimentation and best practices, attendees left with new insights to strengthen and grow their own influencer marketing programs.