Unlocking the Power of The Top 10 Leaderboard

Zach Donnenfield
Zach Donnenfield
Mar 12, 2024

The world of influencer marketing is constantly shifting, and it's not enough to just sit back and watch. Winning brands must monitor, fine-tune, and scale their creator marketing programs to stay ahead of the competition. The Top 10 Leaderboard serves as a beacon for brands navigating influencer marketing, providing a dynamic, insightful view into the performance metrics that matter the most. 


What is the CreatorIQ Top 10 Leaderboard?

At its core, the Top 10 Leaderboard is more than just a set of rankings. It’s a comprehensive tool highlighting the world's premier brands, ranked by pivotal creator marketing metrics. From EMV (Earned Media Value) to community size to engagement rates, this tool dives deep into the data. Use this tool to assess various markets and verticals, and see how your brand stacks up against industry leaders and competitors in the realm of influencer marketing.


Why It Matters

In a digital age when every brand is vying for increasingly divided consumer attention, understanding your position in the influencer marketing ecosystem is paramount. This leaderboard doesn’t just tell you where you stand—it offers a lens through which you can view your (or your competitors’) impact, reach, and engagement. Recognize achievements, identify opportunities, and strategize for future campaigns.


Interpreting the Data

EMV (Earned Media Value): Think of EMV as the pulse of your brand's digital heartbeat, measuring social engagement and the potency of your content across multiple platforms. High EMV signals strong brand resonance and valuable creator interactions. 

We assign a unique value to a piece of content based on user engagement—likes, comments, shares, and video views—as well as the platform it was published on (Instagram, YouTube, etc.), then attribute that value to the brands mentioned in the post. EMV alone should not be taken as the sole measure of a brand’s performance and general health; instead, consider it in conjunction with the other metrics.

Community Size: This metric showcases the breadth of your creator network. A robust community size not only amplifies your brand’s voice, but also its authenticity and reach.

Creator Potency: It’s not just about working with creators—it’s about their impact. High creator potency means that your brand is effectively engaging its community to generate significant value. Creator potency is the average amount of EMV that each creator in a brand’s community generated during a given month. Creator potency is calculated by dividing a brand’s total EMV by its community size.

Post Count & Posting Frequency: These metrics reveal the vibrancy of conversations around your brand. Higher post volume and more frequent mentions indicate healthy brand activity and engagement.

EMV Retention: Just as businesses monitor customer retention by tracking how many customers make repeat purchases, influencer marketers can monitor retention within their creator community by using a metric called EMV Retention. At a high level, EMV Retention measures the value of engagement driven by loyal content creators from one time period to the next. 

To get more granular, EMV Retention is calculated by taking the amount of EMV generated in a given time period for a given brand by influencers who also mentioned that brand in the corresponding previous time period, then dividing that figure by the brand’s total EMV during the previous time period. 

Impressions & Reach: While impressions offer a glimpse into potential visibility, reach provides a sense of how far your content can go. Together, they paint a comprehensive picture of your brand's footprint in the digital world.


Take the Next Step

Seeing your brand on the leaderboard is a major accomplishment, but the journey doesn’t stop there. Whether you’re aiming for a higher ranking, seeking to maintain your position, or looking to break into the Top 10, understanding these metrics is just the beginning.

Already in the Top 10 but seeking deeper insights? Want to see if your brand is within striking distance? Connect with us for in-depth analysis and tailored strategies to elevate your brand in the creator marketing landscape.

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