COVID-19: How We're Adapting (+Resources for You)

Mar 21, 2020

Stay Informed

These days, more than ever, CreatorIQ is focused on fostering community within the larger influencer marketing industry. We are lucky to sit at the crossroads between everyone in the space, and believe in the positive power of influence.

Though we find ourselves separated by physical location, we’re more digitally connected than ever before. When people are in a tight spot, they come together.

Everyone is looking for ways to stay productive and support their communities. Neighbors are organizing drives to help struggling small businesses and the elderly; organizations are finding ways to ease the impact of a sudden market downturn; and most everyone is sharing useful information and safety tips as soon as they arise.

Global communities -- the influencer marketing industry included -- are banding together and adapting. With COVID-19 affecting us all, it’s essential we support each other in any way that we can.

Over the past two weeks, many of our clients and partners have reached out to our team to ask how we’re handling the current situation. We’ve created this post as a living repository of new industry initiatives, useful resources, and collaboration ideas.

If you would like to share how your company or team is tackling COVID-19, please send us an email at We’d love to hear from you.

Social Platform Resources

Many of our clients, social platform partners, global team members, and competitors are creating positive awareness and industry discussion.

  • YouTube’s Learn at Home is bringing educational content like Khan Academy to parents and families at home
  • Facebook has bumped the COVID information center to the top of the Newsfeed. They have also introduced the WHO’s Health Alert on WhatsApp, and has worked to surface accurate COVID-19 health information to the top of the Instagram feed. Facebook is also maintaining an ongoing hub of updates around how they're addressing both information and misinformation on their family of apps
  • Instagram has launched the "Stay Home" and "Thanks Health Heroes"
  • Twitter released brand communication guidance to help brands share accurate info while maintaining a thoughtful tone
  • TikTok partnered with the WHO to host an in-app portal providing credible information, FAQs, tips on staying safe and dispelling COVID-19 myths
  • LinkedIn created tips for brands leveraging virtual events, including recent examples of virtual keynotes from brand leaders. Additionally, Live Events functionality was released out of beta, and a Virtual Events Playbook is available for brands that need help getting started
  • Twitch launched a guide on how to support active charities tackling COVID-19 through the platform

Influencer Marketing Resources

Additionally, many of our clients, global team members, and competitors are creating positive awareness and industry discussion.

  • The Creator Fund is providing financial relief to negatively-impacted digital creators
  • The Women in Influencer Marketing Facebook group is housing some of the best industry discussion
  • Viacom x Ad Council’s #AloneTogether campaign has already seen over 480 Instagram posts comprising over 2.1M engagements
  • WHO’s #SafeHands challenge has already seen over 750 Instagram posts comprising over 5.4M engagements
  • DBA x chloédigital's #smallbusinessbiginfluence, which is rallying influencers to promote local businesses to their followers
  • Sway Group has decided that for every influencer they engage on a campaign, they will be donating $5 to one of the following charities: Save the Children, Med360 or MedShare. They will also give their influencers the opportunity to match this donation

Supporting Your Employees and Neighbors

CreatorIQ has been testing all of the following to help ease the stress of the current situation on our teams:

  • Employee assistance plan (webinars and behavioral health counseling)
  • #ciqmoves - A Slack channel where we're encouraging timed fitness challenges and daily walk breaks
  • Daily virtual lunches and weekly virtual happy hours
  • Online course credits for learning sites like Udemy
  • Coffee with management - bi-weekly team meetings open to all staff to meet for Q&A with company leadership

Adapting Our Marketing

It is an adage at this point: influencer marketing only works when campaign messaging is authentic. It is our job as marketers to remember the severity of our shared situation and its real human impact. CreatorIQ is working to ensure that all of our messaging -- both manual and automated -- is an expression of empathy.

Almost all of the influencer marketing industry’s 2020 events have been rescheduled, canceled, or made digital. On-site meetings with our clients have largely been canceled in favor of video. Our own owned and operated events have been postponed.

Like many, we are leaning in to webinars, content marketing, and direct mail to fill the void. We’ll be working closely with our clients to promote these new ideas and initiatives. And we will especially be focusing on our specialty: curating and publishing data.

On March 31st, we conducted a webinar with Lina Renzina from Ad Council, Reesa Lake from Digital Brand Architects, and Natalie Silverstein from Collectively. Topics included:

1. How current events are affecting the industry, partnerships, and creator content
2. What brands and agencies can do to keep business humming while pushing the industry forward
3. A data-backed look at how creators are helping with social good initiatives

Watch the webinar recording instantly:

These are just some of the ways that CreatorIQ is adapting… and our strategy will continue to evolve with time. We’d love to hear from you -- how is your company supporting its clients and employees? What are you doing to adapt your marketing? Are there other resources for the influencer marketing community that we missed? Send us a note at!