How Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing The Digital Ecosystem

Sep 9, 2020

Machine learning (ML) is making its way to every sector and business category in the digital marketing ecosystem. Social platforms leverage the technology to surface relevant content, YouTube utilizes ML for brand safety efforts, and the advertising industry is using it to power real-time campaign optimization for paid advertising. And this is just scratching the surface of possible applications as the advancements in machine learning accelerate in their capabilities.

OpenAI, a research and deployment company based in San Francisco, California, recently released a fascinating advancement that has the data science world buzzing. It streamlines semantic search, summarization, sentiment analysis, and translation, which will undoubtedly revolutionize the future of digital marketing in ways we can only imagine.

And now, ML is coming to influencer marketing.

CreatorIQ has integrated a sophisticated machine learning solution - One60 - into its enterprise influencer marketing software. The forward-thinking, technology is currently creating efficiencies around core influencer marketing functionalities like brand safety, creator identification, content prediction, paid media & advanced measurement. Here’s an in-depth look at how CreatorIQ’s ML engine is advancing these areas:

  • Visual Insights: One60 powers CreatorIQ’s new Visual Insights capability, which applies 13K unique labels to over 32MM images - and counting. This helps marketers get a deeper understanding of influencers' visual content in a fraction of the time, and make smarter decisions when considering influencers.
  • Creator Identification (coming soon): CreatorIQ leverages millions of data points across performance, brand affinity, and industry alignment, enabling brands to build a next-generation recommendation engine trained to identify the best creators for each individual campaign based on goals. And utilizing historical performance data, advertisers can then identify additional talent with similar characteristics to other high-performing creators, but in different locations for spinning up local, community-based campaigns.
  • Content Prediction (coming soon): CreatorIQ’s Visual Insights capabilities are currently building data science models focused on the identification and recommendation of high-performing content. By analyzing massive amounts of detailed content attributes, One60 will inform specific visual and performance attributes detected to provide recommendations around which attributes such as color, objects, and composition have the highest likelihood to perform well.
  • Paid Media & Advanced Measurement (coming soon): CreatorIQ’s One60 will soon power paid media solutions for things like advanced budget optimization. This includes real-time suggestions to boost high-performing organic influencer-generated content, organic performance insights to power smarter paid media targeting, as well as deduped frequency estimates across both paid & organic impressions.

Machine learning has the power to revolutionize the entire digital marketing ecosystem. For influencer marketing, that means streamlining creator processes and powering performance-focused programs on a global scale. It also means driving industry maturation and accelerating influencer marketing’s ability to be integrated into the broader marketing stack.

Give us a shout if you’d like to learn how CreatorIQ’s technology-first approach can help take your influencer marketing efforts to the next level!