How CreatorIQ is Pioneering First-Party Data Innovation for Intelligent Influencer Discovery

Jul 7, 2021

The marketing world finds itself grappling with two massive and seemingly unrelated trends, both of which promise to reshape the fundamentals of the digital marketing industry. To put it simply:

  • Everything about how digital ad targeting and tracking works is being completely upended
  • At the same time, the creator economy is booming

As a result, the way brands reach and connect with people is radically changing.

The ramifications of both shifts are potentially transformative yet still uncertain. How do we target consumers online without the digital marketing tools to which we’ve become so accustomed? And how should brands use their first-party creator data to fill the void?

That’s where we come in.

At CreatorIQ, we are right in the center of each movement, and thanks to a new partnership with LiveRamp, we are uniquely positioned to help brands navigate this change and ultimately thrive.

Let’s talk about digital marketing. You’ve read all the recent headlines: Cookies will be gone by 2023. Apple is already imposing strict limitations on how app developers and brands can employ mobile user data. Regulations are already tough and will only get tougher.

Many of the tactics brands have used for two decades to target and market to consumers online may soon be obsolete as third-party data becomes nearly inaccessible. It also means the ways marketers amplify their partner influencers’ content with paid media will have to evolve.

The end result is that first-party data, which is always important, is now everything.

Marketers now expect (and rightly so) every platform to be able to help them leverage their first-party data and ideally acquire more, or they don’t want to do business with that platform.

This brings us to the creator economy. Not too long ago, almost every brand was racing to develop an influencer strategy. Often these were part of test budgets, consisting of top-of-funnel, content-rich campaigns. Now the pool of creators is ballooning, their collective influence is broadening, and their influence over the consumer decision journey has never been so strong nor so measurable.

For a long time, it was assumed that first-party data, programmatic targeting, and the like didn’t belong in the world of influencer marketing. That’s changing quickly with new bottom-of-funnel creator commerce solutions coming to market; partially because technology is increasingly allowing for it, and partially because advertisers are demanding accountability and interoperability everywhere they turn. They want to buy and manage advertising using the same platform while working from compatible data sets. And most of all, they need to prove that their ad spend is working.

That’s why we're so excited about CreatorIQ’s partnership with LiveRamp. Hundreds of the world’s leading brands use LiveRamp to onboard data, reconcile target audiences, and make the best use of their connection with customers. Going forward, CreatorIQ will be listed among the key platforms in LiveRamp’s platform, the place where marketers go to activate their most valuable asset - their first-party data.

The integration will enable CreatorIQ’s clients to use that first-party data to seamlessly discover and activate their most influential customers by matching data from CRMs, CDPs, and DMPs to creator identity via CreatorIQ’s database of over 20MM creators. Partnering with influential creator-customers, who are already authentic fans and more likely to become successful and long-term ambassadors, will, in turn, help brands better achieve their performance objectives. This will also connect CreatorIQ to new sources of demand outside of the traditional influencer and social media budget channels.

However, the largest impact this partnership will have is in elevating the use of data within the booming creator economy. The more comfortable marketers become with the idea that working with influencers and creator-customers doesn’t require major data compromises, the better.

At a time when there is so much change and uncertainty, that’s a win for everyone.