On the Future of Influencer Marketing and CreatorIQ

Igor Vaks
Jun 12, 2019

The most impactful brand stories no longer come directly from brands. They are co-authored by passionate advocates and culturally-relevant companies who want to authentically deliver their stories to the world.

We see organizations of all sizes embracing new ways of building relationships with their customers -- social brand advocacy has proven to be an important competitive advantage. Companies are turning to influencer marketing because it drives results, but only enterprise-grade technologies can help them succeed at scale versus other matured marketing channels.

Influencer marketing enjoys success as both a high-funnel and a low-funnel channel. Brands and agencies are partnering with creators to move product and increase awareness. Facebook Inc. is finally paying attention to (and building for!) the needs of both creators and businesses alike.

Fraud, previously slated as an insurmountable challenge, is being addressed head-on by both the social giants and platforms like CreatorIQ. Like word of mouth marketing of the past, brand safety and responsibility -- and how to account for it at scale -- have become paramount issues.

CMOs have begun to measure influencer marketing with the same degree of ROI scrutiny as any other marketing channel. It is now being pitted against other channels and critically assessed for LTV lift. Every day, performance marketers are crafting new CPx metrics according to the space's unique KPIs.

Influencer marketing is sailing into an exciting data-driven future. AI-powered discovery will power creator recommendations. Machine learning-backed automations will wash away the mundanities of piloting influencer marketing campaigns. And software will allow influencer marketers to spend their time thinking strategically, not methodically.

A Big Announcement

We’ve arrived at the point where big businesses have adopted influencer marketing as a legitimate and respected digital marketing channel. Enterprises around the world are staffing full teams to tackle brand advocacy and all of its intricate nuances.

CreatorIQ is excited to announce recent investments by TVC Capital, Affinity Group, and Unilever Ventures in our Enterprise Creator Cloud. With the backing and trust of our partners, advisors, and clients, we will continue to steer the industry toward a bright and scalable future.

See our exclusive announcement in the Wall Street Journal here.

The $12 million Series B round will be used to accelerate growth for CreatorIQ’s software platform that enables AI-powered creator discovery, streamlines end-to-end workflow, ensures brand safety, and drives meaningful measurement for the influencer marketing industry.

Vasiliki Petrou

Executive Vice President and Group CEO at Unilever Prestige

The entire digital advertising ecosystem understands the important role creators are playing in advertising and brand building; the industry needs forward-thinking companies to address issues like data transparency and fraud.

CreatorIQ is proactively developing solutions that empower Unilever to continue to set global measurement standards for the influencer marketing industry. Their platform enhances the quality and integrity of our brands’ campaigns by safeguarding against follower fraud and brand safety issues.

Onward and upward!
-Igor Vaks