How CreatorIQ Helps Agencies Level Up Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Rebecca Ezrin
Rebecca Ezrin
Sep 26, 2022

At CreatorIQ, we pride ourselves on helping industry-leading enterprise brands grow, manage, and measure their influencer marketing programs. But as the $13.8B creator economy continues to expand, let’s not forget to give credit to all the third-party agencies representing brands and creators alike. There are numerous organizations specializing in influencer marketing, with many full-service agencies providing bespoke influencer marketing strategies. CreatorIQ has the pleasure of working with some of the largest and most innovative names in the space, from British advertising giant WPP, to Japanese integrative agency Densu, to American multimedia company Omnicom Group. 

The rapid growth of the creator economy goes hand in hand with consumers’ increasing preference for short-form video content. TikTok’s share of creator campaign dollars is set to hit 15.5% this year, beating out Facebook’s 14.8%. With influencer marketing spend pouring into TikTok, brands must constantly refine their creator strategies on the platform. This process can be time-consuming, and many brands outsource this work to agencies like those mentioned above. However, agencies themselves are no strangers to tight deadlines and frugal budgets—and that’s where CreatorIQ can help. 

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In January, CreatorIQ was named an official TikTok marketing partner, becoming TikTok’s first SaaS-only influencer marketing platform partner. Our software’s TikTok integration enables agencies to seamlessly navigate the platform, and orchestrate stand-out campaigns for their clients. 

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Here’s how CreatorIQ helps agencies enhance their TikTok influencer marketing strategies…

  • Win and retain clients: Impress prospects and clients by efficiently addressing common pain points, including creator discovery and reporting. With CreatorIQ’s TikTok integration, brands can surface impactful TikTok creators, access first-party data and analytics from TikTok’s Creator Marketplace, and measure the full-funnel results of their campaigns. 
  • Help clients achieve their goals: By enhancing creator discovery and unlocking new audiences, agencies can help clients meet their influencer marketing KPIs.
  • Meet tight deadlines: CreatorIQ’s end-to-end platform is built to take the grunt work out of influencer marketing. Using our software’s intelligent creator recommendations and streamlined project management tools, agencies can swiftly capitalize on the latest TikTok trends. 
  • Manage workload and budget: Automating many aspects of the influencer marketing process opens up additional bandwidth for agencies—a major consideration for organizations servicing multiple brands at once.
  • Mitigate risk: Agencies can’t afford to damage a client’s reputation. That’s why CreatorIQ’s in-campaign brand safety monitoring feature is so important: agencies are able to tap into TikTok’s “creative chaos” while minimizing risks. 
  • Prove your value to clients: Accurate measurement is integral to running any effective influencer marketing campaign, so modern marketers need analytics that are both intuitive and comprehensive. With CreatorIQ, agencies can evaluate the impact of TikTok influencer marketing at every funnel stage, using a range of both standardized and customizable KPIs. Additionally, teams can monitor and benchmark performance at the campaign, brand, and enterprise level. 
  • Stay ahead of the competition: Best-in-class brands like Nestlé, CVS, and Disney are already leveraging CreatorIQ to build winning influencer marketing programs on TikTok. In order to stay competitive, agencies should support their clients with the same technology that’s powering success for industry leaders around the world.


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The agency landscape is highly competitive, and teams must strategically allocate budget and resources to best serve both employees and clients. With TikTok having emerged as a pillar of the creator economy, CreatorIQ keeps agencies ahead of the curve, helping them achieve success for their clients while saving time and money. 

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