Flexible payment execution with global compliance

Pay creators how they want to be paid.

Remit payments across 190 countries and 120 currencies, offer local currency support, several payment method options including global ACH, PayPal, or wire transfer, and choose from 30, 60, or 90 day payment terms.

Automate and unify payment processes across your organization

Increase efficiencies and reduce manual work by automatically managing all payment requirements, streamlining creator communication, and easily handing off responsibilities to finance for processing.

Easily manage payments as part of your campaign

Create renewed focus on campaign execution when you reduce time spent keeping track of payments.

Optimize your workflow by setting, sending, and tracking payment related requirements directly from your campaign.

Track, report, and audit every creator payment

Professional-level processes ensure all payments can be tracked and accounted for down to the post-level, giving you the most granular audit-trail for reporting and accounting.

Built-in privacy and tax compliance

Ensure your department is properly set up to handle the volume and complexity of paying creators globally.

Provide a safe and secure solution for the collection and storage of tax documents and payment details.
"CreatorIQ provides the structure and flexibility we need to run successful influencer marketing campaigns at scale."
Reesa Lake, Partner & EVP, Digital Brand Architects

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