Global Influencer Payment Options

Eliminate the stress of using multiple influencer payment platforms by executing creator payments within a single platform. Creator Pay accepts payments across 190 countries and 120 currencies, offers local currency support, and several payment method options.

Scale Efficiently

Increase the volume of creator payments without overextending resources. Better equip internal teams to manage payment approvals and systematize handoffs from campaign manager to accounting, so you save time while reducing the likelihood of errors.

Verified Payables Reports

Receive payables reports from campaign managers already verified for payment approval and eligibility. Once reviewed, simply click to send the payment instructions for secure payment processing.

Reduced Compliance Risk        

Protect from payables risk with advanced tax and regulatory controls and proactive OFAC & other sanctions screening to assist with regulatory compliance.

Payment Status Notifications

Trigger automated email notifications to creators regarding payment statuses and exceptions with brandable templates.
"CreatorIQ provides the structure and flexibility we need to run successful influencer marketing campaigns at scale."
Reesa Lake, Partner & EVP, Digital Brand Architects

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