Tribe Dynamics To Host Free Earned Summit This Month

Zach Donnenfield
Zach Donnenfield
Sep 1, 2021

It’s back! Since May 2020, Tribe Dynamics has hosted a free, informative influencer marketing summit, and we are so excited to continue the tradition in 2021.

The Inside Scoop

Our Earned Summit 3.0 virtual event will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The summit features executives from iconic brands such as Olaplex, TooFaced, and Revolve, who will outline the innovative marketing strategies they employ to beat the competition. The event will include 12 sessions from over 28 industry leaders, from keynote presentations on how to drive powerful influencer partnerships to CEO roundtables on how to scale your brand.

Additionally, a number of Tribe Dynamics team members—including Co-founder and President Conor Begley, Content Marketing Lead Alex Rawitz, and Client Partner Laura Witherspoon—will hold presentations featuring the latest analytics-based insights and influencer marketing strategies designed to give your brand a leg up.

What You’ll Learn

Through these dynamic live talks and panel discussions, participants will glean unique perspectives from CMOs and CEOs at best-in-class beauty, fashion, fitness, and health brands, gaining knowledge and inspiration to elevate your brand voice and connect with consumers.

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