Two Ways to Use TikTok Influencer Marketing Data in Competitive Reporting

Catherine Kulke
Catherine Kulke
Aug 9, 2021

More than halfway through 2021, there’s no denying that TikTok is an integral channel for influencer marketing. Ever since the short-form video platform gained mainstream popularity last year, brands in verticals from beauty and fashion to food and beverage have tapped into TikTok’s robust creator community to entertain and inspire consumers. As more companies embrace TikTok’s influencer marketing engine, it’s become crucial that teams have the right tools to understand how the platform fits into their broader earned media strategies. 

A smartphone displaying the TikTok logo, by Franck.

To help brands benchmark their influencer marketing performance on TikTok, Tribe Dynamics is now including TikTok data in our competitive reporting. As a boost to our existing TikTok tracking capabilities, this new development allows brands to monitor the efficacy of their TikTok marketing activities, compare their performance against competitors, and obtain a holistic view of their earned media programs. Here are two main ways that brands can take advantage of TikTok in competitive data: 

  • Report on the Impact of TikTok Influencer Activity Two Gen Z influencers looking at a smartphone, by Shingi Rice.

It feels great to get credit for your work, and TikTok marketing is no exception. With TikTok content and Earned Media Value (EMV) now being included in Tribe Dynamics’ brand performance data, teams can report on the impact that TikTok influencers are having on their brand’s overall earned media presence. Whether you’re just starting to build relationships with TikTok creators, or launching full-fledged campaigns on the platform, the conversation you inspire will be reflected in your brand’s total EMV and influencer community metrics, allowing you to quantify—and celebrate—your wins. 

  • Justify Your Investment in TikTok Marketing 

Conducting effective influencer outreach on TikTok can be resource-intensive, so it’s important to have data to justify your brand’s investment. Now that TikTok EMV is included in Competitive Leaderboard calculations, teams can gain visibility into how their TikTok marketing efforts compare to competitor brands’, and justify devoting additional resources to activities on the channel. Additionally, brands can report on how TikTok influencers and initiatives, along with activations on other platforms, are helping them to gain ground versus competitors. 

A person typing on a keyboard, by Damian Zaleski.

As Gen Z’s purchasing power increases, TikTok is poised to become even more foundational to brands’ influencer programs, with marketers turning to metrics to make informed decisions about how to get ahead on the platform. By keeping tabs on your brand’s TikTok performance with Tribe Dynamics’ competitive data, you can continue to refine your TikTok influencer marketing strategy. 

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